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RAM Technologies Storefront
 From Humble Beginnings 


RAM Technologies opened its doors in Eau Claire, WI on November 9th, 1996. We started from humble beginnings, wooden display tables, and only enough space that $600 a month could get. Our first sale was a used Compaq 486 notebook for $749.00 to Scott Potter. Wow, what a deal.

Over the years we have become personal friends and now Scott provides RAM Technologies with all it's insurance needs under his company called Potter Agency.  Years later RAM purchased the laptop back from Scott for $25 in working condition. Today the notebook sits proudly on display, a testament to our continued success and ongoing commitment to customer loyalty.

RAM Technologies has undergone a few minor name changes over the years. Many people still refer to us by our original name, RAM Computer. The name change was to reflect the broader reach of products and services that we offer from phone repair to business services. Today, RAM Technologies employs over 15 personnel and leases 7,000 square feet of floor space. We have serviced over 100,000 customer's computers to date. 

Our success was built on serving one customer at a time. The technology industry has become very impersonal. Businesses tout their award-winning customer service with little to back it up. Customers are tired of being left on hold for 30min just to be helped by a technician in Budapest. RAM Technologies is a refuge for those customers wanting personal customer service without the frustrating wait.



Tony, Owner

Early Days

Tony on-site at Micon Cinema in Chippewa Falls helping Mike out with a computer problem. 

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