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RAM Technologies Computer Education and trainig
Inside the store of RAM Technologies, Eau Claire, WI
RAM Technologies, Memory Upgrade

Friendly Technicians

Highly Rated

Always FREE Diagnostics


RAM Technologies opened its doors in November of 1996. In 20 plus years we have serviced over 100, 000 computers and laptops. We offer fast reliable computer service with quality workmanship. Our warranty terms are set by our customer’s expectations. We are highly rated on Google and take extreme pride in our work. All our service is very reasonably priced and we strive to keep it that way. No matter the computer brand, Dell, HP, Lenovo or the many other computer manufacturers we can service them all.

CALL (715) 834-9797. We can help.


Many times, this is the first question a customer will ask. The process is simple to figure out and only takes a few minutes. First we will need to see your PC. A technician will work with you at our front counter. The technician will look over your laptop or PC to determine its value against the estimated repairs. With this information you can now make a more informed decision on how to proceed.  The walk through is easy and free.  

RAM Technologies is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

FREE Diagnostics

Most computer service is fairly straight forward but sometimes things do not go as planned. That simple mouse button issue that turns out not to be so simple. If at any time during the service you wish to stop there is no charge.  

At RAM we want all our customer’s have a positive experience. The last thing we want to give you is a bill for something that we did not fix. 


​Here is a little secret, Avast Free anti-virus software is just as good and the paid. Then why do we sell it, you ask.

Avast Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus Software

FREE installation with any purchase of a 2-Yr. Subscription for $34.95.


Have a computer or laptop that needs repair we can help. We offer in-store, onsite, same-day appointments and remote support services at very reasonable rates. 

CALL (715) 834-9797 

or just drop by! 

  • Screen Replacement

  • Hard Drive Replacement

  • Operating System Reload

  • Virus & Spyware Removal

  • Power Supply Replacement

  • DC Jack Repair

  • Wireless Issues

  • Mother Board Replacement

  • Windows Update Problems

  • Memory Upgrade

  • Hard Drive Upgrade

  • Hardware Upgrade

  • Password Recovery

  • Data Recovery

  • Capacitor Replacement


​Here is a little secret, Avast Free anti-virus software is just as good and the paid. Then why do we sell it, you ask. As the adage goes “Nothing is ever free.”   Once installed Avast is going to try and trick you into buying it at an inflated rate.  The free version is very talkative, you start seeing a lot of pop up ads and warnings that have no real purpose but to alert you of the software's presence.  Our favorite Avast Free Edition pop up is the, “We’ve stopped 500,000 viruses today.” Customers will call us saying that their computer is infected with 500,000 viruses and ask us for help. After using Avast Free for about 6 months you will get a notification alerting you that the software is no longer active. And of coarse the only way to activate it is to buy it. But this is not the case. If you exit out of the notification by clicking on the “X” in the corner and the alert goes away and the software runs just fine until it happens again in 6 months. 

The decision whether to go with the Avast Free or Avast paid really comes down a user's knowledge of computers. Not understanding how to navigate Avast alerts on the free edition can be just as bad as not having anti-virus software. Some alerts are very important and need to be addressed. With the free version, some users get pop up fatigue and just stop monitoring it. The paid version of Avast only alerts you when something needs to be addressed. Many of our technicians run Avast Free on their personal computers and laptops. At the same time, many of their parents or grandparents are running the paid version of Avast. Basically, if you don’t want to be annoyed or you just cannot figure out computers it's better to buy it. Otherwise free is always for me!

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