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RAM Technologies has serviced over 5,000 mobile phones. We can replace the screens on most model phones, including Apple iPhones, Samsung S Series, Google Pixel, Motorola and LG. The average cost to replace a screen on the Apple 6, 7, 8 models runs between $70 to $140. Repair cost and part availability can vary greatly depending on manufacture and the newness of the phone model. On average it only takes 2 hours for us to replace the screen on many of the most popular phones. There are a few phones that use glue to hold the screen in place. This glue can take up to 24 hours to set. We would recommend calling to verify pricing and part availability.

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Getting your phone wet is probably one of the worst things that can happen to it. If it does happen it is very important to get all the water out. On the right is an image of an iPhone with water damage. The customer used the phone for about a month after accidentally submerging in it in water. Then it just went dead. She brought the phone into RAM for service. Upon opening the case you could see right away the corrosion caused by the water. This customer got lucky. We swapped out a few components and got it working again.  

iphone repair water damage corrosion